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Warren Macdougall initiated a strategy for increasing recruiting and sales in our company that contributed to our growth in business in a time most other businesses weren’t growing. He took on the challenge with much independence and educated me about other opportunities for our company I wasn’t aware of. He conducts his business practices with a high degree of integrity and professionalism that will allow us to continue to use his services to grow our business for many more campaigns to come. I would highly recommend Warren and his services to any company looking to grow in this ever more competitive world we live in.

Joe Cardillo

General Manager, Vector Marketing Canada

The Ah-Ha for me is that:  Ah-Ha I think Warren is right.  Being on line is going to make my business better.  Even after we had been having our sessions, I remember thinking that I didn’t think it would ever really PAY for me to do this.  I didn’t think I’d get my money back.  Well, I was wrong, and you were right.  The other day I had a 900.00 plus order, all because of facebook.  The sale I put on facebook did it for me.  I wouldn’t have gotten that order if it wasn’t for facebook.  Thanks so much Warren.  I absolutely love how much I have learned from you.  The highlight of going to Whistler was the meeting we had before we went home.  If it wasn’t for that meeting, I wouldn’t be having these sessions.

Tammy Kelly

Career Sales Professional, Cutco Cutlery

I work with a lot of external contractors and I have to say that you were by far one of the best. Easy to work with, honest and just a genuinely nice guy.

  • Timely - Warren is quick to act on any issues I raise and was always fast to respond to my questions, emails and phone calls.
  • Knowledgeable - Warren was able to bring his strong knowledge base to the forefront when I did not know what was possible and what other options were available.  
  • Professional - Warren carries himself as a professional in all communication (verbal and written), as well as his recommendations for our work. Warren followed through on all his projected goals and was either ahead of, or on schedule throughout the project. 
  • Value - Warren estimated the costs of the project ahead of time and was able to meet his estimates. The site looks and acts outstanding and was well worth the investment. Anything I wanted to tweak or correct, Warren was quick to do so or to offer an alternative suggestion that I may not have thought of. 
  • Above and beyond - Warren would regularly go above and beyond his scope of work by helping teach myself and others at Terracon so that we too could work with the site and not always have to fall back on Warren. He was great at coaching us on future possibilities and how to best utilize the site to attract business. 
  • Extra - One thing I found particularly helpful was the use of Google chat. Warren conducted meetings online so that we could see each other and work on the site during the meeting through a shared screen. I found this very useful as it allowed me to see Warren and see what he was doing on the site, which in turn allowed me to learn and to do it myself. Also, we could try out different scenarios immediately rather than going back and forth via email and phone call with each change I wanted to see. 
Andrew Taylor BMgmt (Hons), ADAFM

Manager, Operational Support, TERRACON GEOTECHNIQUE LTD.