Today I interviewed Sean Williams, and I was reminded that we are all the authors of our own story.

From the manner in which Sean takes control of his life to move here to Vernon, and then to take control of a career that brought him no joy. Sean was able to right his ship, and find his bliss with what he loves most: riding bikes.

He moved here 22 years ago

Sean grew up in Lethbridge Alberta and moved to Vernon in 1995 with his wife Laurie Anne Lorge. Today he continues to work with the natural health product called Ecotrends distributor (13 years), be a husband of 21 years, and Dad to two great kids. In his spare time, Sean likes to keep in shape ripping around the Okanagan on many types of bicycles.

I asked Sean what is something that you wish more people would know about you?

That I am more than a Strava segment stealing jerk


Strava is here, please note that if you search for Sean on Strava, that some of his images are a little riské, and perhaps NSFW.

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