Today I interviewed Rhonda Catt. She is a mother of two, an entrepreneur and a widow. Her message after the tragedy that occurred in her family is to help others to recognize that although there are many symptoms of heart disease, it may present differently in all of us.

The underlying message that I got from her is to live and be grateful for what we have now.

We spoke of her life in this part of the Okanagan Valley, and how she is grateful for family, the safety of small communities, and the beauty that is our valley here.

Peter's Story

Here is the video which helps share Rhonda's message 



In our talk, we find out that this community is better off because Rhonda chose to stay here and start her fitness and health business to elevate everyone that wants to work out indoors (when they can't be outside).

I learned that each of us is unique and as a result, our shape of health and fitness may not fit into the same mold as someone else. Our symptoms of pain and possible heart disease can be just as unique as we are, and take on many forms. Rhonda helped me to see that her vision is to help as many people understand that a similar tragedy to hers may be avoided. If she can help one family live a happier life and avoid the finality of death by listening to their bodies and seeking medical help immediately, then she feels her work is repaid.

I enjoyed speaking to Rhonda today, and I hope that you enjoy her message as well.

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