Testimonials from Clients on SEM

Warren Macdougall initiated a strategy for increasing recruiting and sales in our company that contributed to our growth in business in a time most other businesses weren't growing. He took on the challenge with much independence and educated me about other opportunities for our company I wasn't aware of. He conducts his business practices with a high degree of integrity and professionalism that will allow us to continue to use his services to grow our business for many more campaigns to come. I would highly recommend Warren and his services to any company looking to grow in this ever more competitive world we live in.

Joe Cardillo

National Sales Manager, Vector Marketing Canada

Warren Macdougall was instrumental in helping our online presence with many aspects that I was unaware of prior to meeting him. He took the time to explain each of the deficiencies that my business website had, and took the initiative to swiftly correct them. Those simple corrections allowed for immediate change in our ranking according to the Google information that he presented to me. Warren also showed us the importance of Social Media marketing and the possible power behind it. Warren enabled our business have the TOP 4 rankings in Google for the search terms that we decided upon, as well as many page one rankings for other search terms. I can see the benefit of Internet advertising and marketing online with Getu2theTop.com. Warren is professional, courteous, and very concerned with his clients, as though they were his friends or family.

Cameron Grant

Doctor of Chiropractic, Aberdeen Wellness

Testimonials from Technical one to one Coaching

Warren is a terrific person and extremely knowledgeable in getting you to the top of google, your business and with your computer skills. Every call is like a university class, giving me the tools I need,  and very exciting.  I can't imagine where I'd be in this fast paced, high-tech world without Warren's internet and tech expertise, support, and problem solving skills. Keeping me on track , current and where I need to be. Not to mention saving me time, making my work and play much more enjoyable, productive, and profitable.

Mary Hattum

Career Sales Proffessional, Cutco cutlery

The Ah-Ha for me is that:  Ah-Ha I think Warren is right.  Being on line is going to make my business better.  Even after we had been having our sessions, I remember thinking that I didn't think it would ever really PAY for me to do this.  I didn't think I'd get my money back.  Well, I was wrong, and you were right.  The other day I had a 900.00 plus order, all because of facebook.  The sale I put on facebook did it for me.  I wouldn't have gotten that order if it wasn't for facebook.  Thanks so much Warren.  I absolutely love how much I have learned from you.  The highlight of going to Whistler was the meeting we had before we went home.  If it wasn't for that meeting, I wouldn't be having these sessions.

Tammy Kelly

Career Sales Proffessional, Cutco Cutlery