Today I had the pleasure of speaking to a longtime friend Kate Tooke, in another episode of the Vernon Community Podcast.

Kate has her own company where she coaches women on Radiant Relationships and Sacred Love.

Kate is a believer in the acronym CANI "Constant And Never-ending Improvement" she has continually reshaped her thinking and processes in order to become the best version of herself. She has always been a wonderful human being who cares for her husband, and family as well as the animals on their farm. She is a fun loving woman who is both beautiful inside and out. I was first introduced to Kate back in the mid 90s in Banff Alberta. I moved away from Banff in the year 2000 and in 2010 I moved here to Vernon.  We re-kindled our friendship when their family moved here in 2011.

I was interested to find out from her perspective on the reason that they decided to move here to Vernon. I had talked to her husband before about it and I wanted to find out what she thought. During this conversation  I pretend to not know a great deal about her past just so that anyone who is listening would have a better context for her path.

The whole idea of speaking to a good friend in the podcast was interesting to me because it makes me put on the mask of somebody that doesn't know what this person has done or been through. And this experience actually made me think about a new idea for a dinner party. I'm going to call it “Discovery dinner party” . The idea is to have each participant write down five experiences that no one in the room (except spouses perhaps) would know and put them into a hat  and then have the host or hostess pull one piece of paper at a time and try to guess whose experience that is and then just discover what it was about that experience but perhaps none of you knew. It was that sense of curiosity that I went into this podcast with Kate about and I learned a great deal. Again it seems to me to be the wonderful combination of terrain and Lakes and weather that draws people here to Vernon, but it's the community the keeps them here.

I am so glad that Kate is part of our community and that she's willing to help and share her light to help people get to their top.

Her site is:

To reach Kate directly use this email:

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