Warren Macdougall

WARREN-IMG_0663My history has brought me to do my latest work. I hope that it helps you. I have been working in the computer industry since the early 80's. I have worked a wide spectrum from the mainframe computing right to the personal computers of today.
I have a Bachelor of Science, as well as Applied Information Technology from ITI, which allowed me to have been a Software developer and Salesman for an IBM Small Business Partner. I have studied many web technologies, from the early days of Oak, now known as Java, through to HTML5 as well as internet marketing. This experience and expertise as well as my insatiable desire for new technology and my passion for creating professional quality videos, has given me the perfect background for the task of helping you get to the top of the Search engine with your business. I would love to help you.
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My interest lately has been to help businesses and business owners who may be unaware, or perhaps too busy with seemingly more important things, to realize that  they may need help with their online presence. Online reputation management is a growing area that many business owners are unaware of. This unique area can be of great help, and also it can be of great detriment depending on whether you utilize all of the necessary tools to mitigate, propagate or neutralize  online chatter about your company.

We can be the key ingredient in your FORMULA for SUCCESS!

We are eager to help with many aspects of the online presence, online reputation management, and even social media marketing. We help many different types of business owners, and we would be very happy to give you a personalized Critical Assessment report. This report will help you in the future to maintain or create your online strategy.

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