Today, I am re-purposing an older post that I have on the site:

Here is the original post

And the most important aspects of that post can be found in the Podcast video as well. You may have to ask yourself some questions in order to get the ball rolling for your new (or re-build) site going. So please go over these questions now:

Do you want your site to be:

  1. A billboard
  2. A content house for researchers on your subject for your service
  3. E-commerce site
  4. A list building website
  5. A
  6. A combination of one of the previous four

Once you decided on what your site is going to be, Now you should go and search the web for a site that you like your site to look like.

Is the site template system that you're using Mobile compatible?

Is the site layout an important issue for you?

Will the template system that you've decided upon work well for Google?

Will the template system that you've decided upon look professional?

Is the template system that you've decided upon easy to work with?

Is the template system that you decided upon scalable?

The most productive site template that I have seen in the past is WordPress. If you think that there are sites that are better built than WordPress and you don't want to read any further than please be my guest to leave this post, however if you want more proof, here is a link to sites that presently use this template system:

There are many other aspects that should also be looked into before finishing your site, and if you want to have a free assessment done on your site, email me at today!

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