There is a lot to be said about making certain that you get the most out of your time. These days people are trying to get organized, but the system that used to work doesn't fit their lifestyle anymore. Or the system that used to work is no longer valid, as some of the technology that was used is no longer supported by  the technology (PDA like the Newton).

So Today's question is Is your time management system online or on paper? Is there a way to streamline what you are doing so that you are not wasting time with your calendars, but you are still managing your time?

Many people who have a system don't quantify it well enough to say to themselves, that "this is the time that I will figure out my schedule this week". I believe that there is a great deal of freeing energy to the idea that you commit to one hour a week of quantifying (scheduling) your calendar, so that you KNOW when you can do what and with whom. If you continue to do this, and separate the times that you commit to work and family times, and make it a part of your schedule, then it will become easier and easier to follow. Like all things, a habit is formed from repetition, so why not make a good habit of creating a schedule that you can keep, and put time in that schedule for priorities of work, but also for priorities of family, and health(workouts). Without your health none of the work makes any sense, so give yourself the gift of scheduling your exercise (or as I like to call it - my World class athletic workout- to be in the best shape of my life- for me and my family)

Now once you have developed the skill of creating the schedule, where do you put it? There is an article from PC Magazine here: which shows how to use Google Calendars very well. This option is great for people that want to have access to their calendars from almost any internet device, anywhere they can access the internet. There are some great tips in that article. Another option for the apple users out there is to use the "iCloud" that will be coming out in the fall of this year. It allows for change and synchronization amongst all of their internet ready devices including any with iOS. To start with this option you can sign into the MobileMe 60 day  trial which will bring you to when the "iCloud" will be running. Here is a starter article to get organized with all of your devices: . Now if you want to use paper and pencil, that is fine as well. Just be certain that there is time organized within your schedule to look over your day timer. One great method that I use is called the Time of your Life using RPM from Tony Robbins:

Whatever method you choose, just make certain that you are giving yourself the gift of the time necessary to create a lasting habit, so that you can have more time to do the things that you truly love to do.

If you have any other methods that you like to use, drop us an email, we would love to hear alternative ways of doing this! As always, make your day OUTSTANDING!

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