Have you ever taken the time to ask someone that is almost twice your age some questions about life? I was fortunate enough to sit down with Paul Jones at his residence in Vernon. He is 95 and three quarters (as he puts it!) and still going strong. He has a workout regimen that keeps his body strong, and a mental regimen that helps to keep his grey matter active as well. For him it is the combination of MIND and body workouts that are his key to successful longevity. Well that and the fact that he is "too stubborn to give up"!

When you listen to this conversation please consider that Paul has very little hearing, and relies upon his lip reading skills to help him to converse with me. I was not aware that he had so bad a hearing loss until after the taped conversation was over, and we chatted about his apartment view and his day to day activities.

We talked about what it is that he loves about Vernon, and why he has ended up living the largest part of his life here. We talk about his two books, and in that conversation I found out many new things like the fact that he was in the Royal Canadian Navy for the Second World War. He was a volunteer for the Vernon Performing Arts Centre. There are many more interesting tidbits, like his secret to health with respect to food.

Please enjoy the chat that I had with Paul Jones

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