Meet Kirbey Lockhart, he is  a loving husband, a devoted father, and a caring son. Kirbey, moved here to the Okanagan valley back in the 1970's and moved away for a long period time. During the course of that period of time Kirbey realized at this is the place that he wanted to call 'home'.

My talk with Kirbey was, as always, insightful and full of new ideas that I hadn't heard from Kirbey before. Once again the theme of family came up within this podcast episode, and it is a defining thread for all of these episodes that seems to bring people here to Vernon, and the Okanogan Valley. Listening to this episode you will hear some funny anecdotes, as well as his honest and open opinions on what is important to him, and the meanings that we all give to life itself. This was great chat that I had with Kirbey, and I love the fact that he is working towards helping others in the many ways that he does. He has begun to go back to his roots of speaking engagements to help motivate and possibly rekindle peoples ideas, or paradigms as he puts it, to help them shift to their best life! He also helps people presently through his work at cooperators. Kirbey is also the president of the chamber of Commerce for Lake country. Through Kirbey's busy schedule, he is always able to help people in need, especially his friends. I am glad to call Kirbey my friend, and I hope you enjoy this chat that I had with him as much as I had putting it together.

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