In this Episode I had the opportunity and honor of sitting down with Dirk Terpstra. He is a HeartMath® Certified Trainer and a Speaker, as well as an accomplished interviewer. He has interviewed some very inspiring individuals and his chats with them can be found at .

I had the pleasure of meeting Dirk at the Screening of the movie called the "Power of the Heart" which Dirk co-hosted in Vernon in 2016. It was a great experience and we have since bought and shared the movie with others, as there are some amazing life lessons within it. Dirk has an inspiring story that he shares with us, which started from his roots in the Netherlands. He was an accomplished businessman and he had a young family, and from the outside had the appearance of a family that had it all. Yet there was a problem with his life, Dirk did not feel fulfilled. He knew that he was not living his purpose, and that continuing to live in that way would not make him, nor his family happy. There had to be something better. Dirk found that for him, part of the journey was signing up for the unknown, and following his heart. He organized a month-long trip for his family in the back country of the Kettle valley trail (ironic that this trail was the main reason that inspired he and his family to move to the area--since I recently interviewed the main organizer for the Okanagan rail trail here), and fell in love with the area, and decided to move here.

Dirk and I spent the better part of the morning chatting, and I only recorded 35 minutes here, which is too bad, as the whole conversation was all gold!

Please enjoy this podcast episode, and to find out more about Dirk, visit his site at