Today's episode is a really great chat that I had with Mike Shaw. Some of you may know Mike from his story, for the rest of you, a little insight may be needed to understand the miraculous recovery and life changing focus that has Mike so passionate these days. He is helping other athletes and people of all ages to recognize when their states are not productive, and in some cases, too risky to ignore. Some of the things that he is working on right now are helping young athletes have a safe start to their chosen sport. You can find out more on his main site of

As well as where he has contributions to the safe start program here:

His story is incredible and the inspiration that he can give to others that are facing many physical challenges is incredible. His inspiration pales in comparison to his passion to help others.

Check out his Ted Talk here:

I met Mike at a camp that he put on at the end of the summer with another former Podcast Guest ..Brad Swanson, of Kala Star fame. When Brad and Mike got together a few weeks ago, and then got in touch with another incredible human being; Josh Dueck, they decided to put on one of the best and most talked about (in my family anyway and arguably for most of Vernon) summer camp here in our valley. It was called the “Test the waters” Camp, and it took many elements of what Josh went through after his accident (which we Mike and I talk about in this interview) as well as what Mike has learned from his journey from athlete to coach to quadriplegic, and back to fully mobile, and then back to coach and Mentor. We speak on these topics today, but let me give you some insight to his crash from his own website:

His crash:
On December 16th, 2013 while skiing with his team in Colorado, everything changed. Mike was at Keystone Mountain skiing at the A-51 terrain park with his team when he had a severe accident. In a ‘scorpion-like’ crash, Mike dislocated and broke his neck, paralyzing himself from the neck down.
In that moment, everything that Mike loved about skiing was ripped away from him. His athletes were now tasked with helping Mike get off the snow and get the medical attention he so direly needed. Mike’s accident changed his course and set him on a new journey, one riddled with hardship and seemingly insurmountable challenges. He would need to be more resilient than ever in order to achieve his end goal – get back on skis.


Check out the documentary of his accident and recovery here:

I hope that you enjoy the podcast episode that I had with Mike Shaw, and if you want to follow his facebook page it is here:
And his instagram posts are here:
And finally his Twitter handle is @mikeshawski



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