Today's guest was Jill Penner, she reminds us that taking images of us of us no matter the time, helps us to capture moments in our life that we can look back on later.

There is saying

 Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.

Jill helps people create moments that take our breath away.

Can all of us really say that our moments are well-documented? Do we have the images of those moments that take our breath away?

This past week I lost a friend who died in a tragic accident Long before he should have, and I'm fortunate to have many images of our recent vacation that we spent together so that I can take and view those images to remember the moments that we shared.

I hope in the same way that many of families of the unfortunate victims of that mass shooting in Vegas have moments that they can look back upon and images and video so they can share the most important times of their life.

Here is an excerpt from Jill's website:


I have a gaggle of girls, three in total and they are quite possibly the most photographed children of our time. They are simply the best.

I have a husband who smiles warmly when I want to buy camera gear and a family who have been every kind of “model”.

I am a small town Nelson, BC girl at heart.

I am a trained Photographer and School Teacher. They surprisingly mesh really well together.

I hope to inspire youth to explore photography.

I secretly love photographing behind the scenes at events such as weddings; the best moments happen in chaos and emotion.

I eat dark chocolate every day and I pick only red jellybeans out of the candy bowl.

I am an obsessive gardener and wonder often why my garden doesn’t look at all like the pictures I collect.

I am always early and over-prepared for everything. It drives my husband crazy.

I love learning new things, I love spontaneity and I love to meet new people.

Her website address is I hope you enjoy the time I spent chatting with her!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at

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