Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Peter Dorey. Today’s guest is an entrepreneur, a father and a partner of 16 years. His son is a former Olympian who now attends the Business program it Capilano University. Peter started in local business doing something that he knew people needed, and he fixed a problem, and it worked well for his clientele. The same thing is true for his present business, that some of you may know. Olympia cycle and ski.

He has had the business for almost 19 years, and he deals in health daily. He is passionate about helping others reach their fitness and health goals through recreation and sport both within his business, and outside of his business.

He is very passionate about NOCS (North Okanagan Cycling Society) which I have been a member since I moved here too, and you can find out why when you listen to this podcast. He is also an advocate of helping children to choose healthier lifestyles that include cycling and sport.

One of the ways that he does that is through the cycling club know as Sprockkids ™. We find out some amazing things that I had no idea about going into this conversation and I was amazed at Petes candour and honesty.

If you would like to reach his website it is here:

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