Today I interviewed the CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) for the District of Coldstream: Trevor Seibel.

With over 18 years experience with local government, as an Auditor and Finance Officer, Trevor has a passion for working for his community. Trevor takes great pride in being able to have an active role in developing and shaping our community.

Trevor has lived in a few different places which he readily calls extremely beautiful. He ended up here. I wanted to find out why... and again there is a thread that seems to bring some people here and it has to do with Family. I love that binding ideal for those of us that have family in the area. Others in the past have come here specifically for the work, and others for the beauty and seasons of the Okanagan Valley. I think when someone can incorporate all three, then that person has found a fantastic place to live and contribute.

That is what Trevor is doing for our community.

Aside from work, Trevor is actively involved with the Hockey both as an on-ice official, player, and coach. He enjoys giving back to a game that has and continues, to give him so much.

In this podcast, we discuss his childhood, and his travels as well as some of the remote places he has lived. His full circle story is a very interesting one and Trevor attributes much of this to his faith. I don’t want to give away too much, so please click the link to hear my chat with Trevor Seibel

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If you are new to this series of podcasts, I am trying to spotlight some of the many wonderful people that we have in our community and find out where they came from and what brought them to our valley, and what they are doing now to help others” Get 2 their top!”.
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