Why you should Just say NO to SEO

Why do you want to say no to SEO? This is a question that we get asked a lot. It is most easily answered by watching the video prepared by google below:

Please note that Google Engineers state in this video that they change the algorithm for search queries up to 500 times per year! This means that there are days when this number is higher than 2. Can you imagine trying to figure out how to hit a target that changes so drastically, so often? This is why we don't profess to do SEO, but rather SEM and online advertising.

Do you have something that you want to get done in this arena, but are unsure what you should do?

Remember to say NO to SEO

On Page SEO is a bit different than Whole site SEO, and that is a hugely in depth area of study. Presently Google is the owner of all the sets of algorithms that allow the spiders or bots to search the web to index your site (and mine) so that when the time is right for a user to search for something that is new and relevant to them (as thought by google) then the result set will show for them according to the keywords they have entered into the search box. What we have to remember is that google wants to have radically different values come up for their searches, because  they are using this as a MAJOR revenue stream.

What I recommend is going directly to the source to find out what it is that Google wants you to do to rank well, and then do it! SO I have a copy here of that document for you, and to give you a summary, it is to regularly post, and consistently post new and relevant content for your audience! Also there are some basic things that should be looked after, like title of pages, and the content needs to reflect what the page title says, and some other structural implications as well.

Funny thing that I just remembered now from a Business Mastery with an SEO person who was an expert at the time. He told the whole audience that the Meta tags were not important to SEO at all and that Gooogle does not search for them. According to the beginners guide they certainly do, AND I did run a test for 3 months on my site, and two other clients sites, and noticed that when I ONLY changed the meta tags on the main landing page, that the page rank improved for all three sites from pages 3 to page 1. Anyway I simply recommend doing what the owner of the space says to dos that they will rank your site well. Also stay away from the negative things that Google recommend you do not do, as these suggestions can have severe effects on a site.

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