What we do

Search Engine Marketing SEM


If you want to spend more time doing
what you love to do in your business,
then you need us to Get U 2 The TOP !

We here at GetU2TheTop.com are interested in making certain that your product , service, or testimonials are seen by the people that can refer others to your site, or by prospects themselves. This is what Search Engine Marketing is about. We create plans and implement them either for you, or with your team, and teach you how to succeed beyond our engagement!
Packages are put together based upon your needs

1. Website design utilizing a WordPress template for ultimate in SEO- why do all the SEO companies use WordPress? They must be on to something! You select the style from any of over 1500 available options, and we can make it specifically for you and your product or service.

Examples of sites developed:
Terracon Geotechnique
Fact Society
Leo Downey

2. SEM and online advertising to help your site be seen by setting up your marketing plan to succeed for the search engines for the keywords that are specific to your product or service. This process is not an overnight one, and you MUST be willing to do what is outlined in our pre-engagement plan, or this will not work for your business. See this entry for some outline of the ideas that we utilize for our Search Engine Marketing plans.

3. Online Technical Coaching to help you or your company be self sufficient at doing what needs to be done for your site on a regular basis. As the ancient Chinese Proverb states "You can give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but if you teach that man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime"

Your choice is simple, Pick any one of the above options, pick any two of the above options, or pick all three and your online presence will be maximizing your business both online, and at your location!

Contact us and we will be happy to explain any option that you are considering for your online needs!