Meet Andrew Thompson.

He is the founder of the 100 Men Who Give a Damn here in Vernon BC. Originally from P.E.I, He is an entrepreneur who is realizing that in order to live a more meaningful life, it is important to contribute in a meaningful way. I believe that he has found his way, and I was impressed when I first heard the idea (so I signed up) and I am equally impressed with the man behind the movement here in Vernon. He has a passion to help people, and he is committed to not only the "winners" of the money, but to all of the nominated charities that come to help their cause.
Let me start from the beginning, What is Vernon's 100 Men Who Give a Damn? Below is an excerpt from the site:

What We Do

100+ men are asked to give $100 directly to one of three nominated charities, four times per year. Each quarter, members attend a one-hour meeting at which three charities present their causes for 5 minutes each. At the end of the brief presentations, members vote to determine by majority which charity will be the recipient of the $10,000+.

Who We Are

We’re are a non-organization.

We are not registered; we have no directors, officers or treasurer; we have no bank account because we don’t collect, spend or donate anything – it’s our members who make the donations.

The group and its events are run on a budget of zero by a core team of big-hearted volunteers and with the assistance of some very generous sponsors, who coincidentally also give a damn.

No Ladies Allowed?

Read the Title! It’s 100+Men !!

Ladies, feeling left out? Please check out


So after the last meeting, I noticed that Andrew made a few extra videos that highlighted the charities that did not win the money on the night that we gave it away. These videos are here:


The United Way 

In today's podcast, I find out the reason that Andrew moved here to Vernon, and what made him want to start this "Non-organinzation" that has so much impact in such a short amount of time. It was great fun to chat with Andrew, and as I said the interview, I hope to have him back when I am not as "cloudy brained" from the flu!

If you want to find out more, come out to one of the meetings to find out how you can help the local charities that we help to sponsor.
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