Brian Martin is a local radio host for the Bell Media FM station SUN FM Vernon. He moved to Vernon from Saskatchewan 20 years ago and has been involved in many events outside of his work on SUN FM. Recently he played the part in the third year in a row of the Rocky Horror Show put on by Big Apple productions here in Vernon, and he enjoys being a part of productions twice annually with the troop at Valley Vocal arts.



Brian was quite gracious with his time, and I was really happy to have him in my home studio. We chat about his fiancé and his daughters during our conversation. Brian is one of the few people that I have interviewed that has not moved here to be closer to family. He could be considered a trailblazer in that respect, as the only other person that I have interviewed that moved here for the job opportunity was Paul Jones in episode 27. Brian and I chatted about his time in Saskatchewan, and how he makes an annual pilgrimage to visit his family. We touch on many other aspects in his life, and notably how much he has given back to our community in the past.

Brian is very funny on the radio, and his persona is the same in real life. I enjoyed our talk. You can follow Brian on social media here:



You can find out more about Sun FM, and how they are helping our community at


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